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Mr. Tian Wenshun,whom was born in the August of 1964,is the member of the Chinese Communist Party and senior economist.In 1987,he graduated from Shandong Industrial University Industrial Engineering Department,and got a Master’s Degree in Economic Management 2000 from Nanyang Techonologic University Singapore.At present he holds the position of JINGHUA Group’s Party Chief and President.He was chosen as outstanding entrepreneur of China,outstanding entrepreneur in the Construction Building Materials,the Labor Model of Construction Building Materials,the top 10 young outstanding entrepreneur in Shandong Province,the outstanding entrepreneur of light industry in Shandong Province,won the labor medal of FU MIN XING LU,also he is the Excellent Educated Youth in Shandong,the outstanding Party Worker of Dezhou,the top 10 young outstanding entrepreneur in Dezhou City,the people of wealth of Dezhou in 2006.

1.  He treasured the technological innovation and implement new project,concentrated on the major works.He guided the staffs built the Float Glass,Xuyan Cement,Light Weight Container,fill in the gaps of this industry,changed the backward situation.At the present,JINGHUA Group has established the biggest Glass Block production base in the world,the biggest Low Alkali Cement production base in China,the biggest domestic glass production base in China and the important Float Glass production base in the North China.

2.  He proposed the Innovation Management,spur the enterprise to a new stage.Now Jinghua Group’s restructure has been the biggest,the highest specification and the most successful enterprise.The management system of simulating artificial person in the inner of enterprise brings benefits year by year.This management system acquire the sencond award of management innovation in Shandong Province.He carried out the OEC management mode,improved the management efficiency and work efficiency.At the same time,he tamped the basic management,for the year of 2006,the item of basic management is increment.

3.  In accordance with the principle of prudent operation to promote harmonious development of corporation.At the beginning of 2005,headed by Tian Wenshun-the new enterprise management proposed the business policy of”contract,adjustment completement,improvement”,solved staffs’ mental confusion,financial strain and shorted supply the three difficult question,realized the stability of production management,ideological work of staff,the chain of fund,the supply chain,operation mechanism and the external environment.Meanwhile made a brief introduction of future development,work hard for larger our enterprise in the next 2 or 3 years.

4.  Mr.Tian Wenshun maintains the staff benefit,gains the supportation of workers.In recent years,Mr.Tian mobilize the fund guaranteed the shareholders’equity,the income of staff increased 10% above.At the same time,to enhance the political work and enterprise cultural contribution,promoted the entertainments and sports,making a good atmosphere.He guided JINGHUA Group concerning the weak trend community to fund materials,won the community fully affirmed.

With the guide of Mr.Tian Wenshun,Jinghua Group will make a brighter future!


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