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    The main products are domestic glass and pharmaceutical glass.

Contact of domestic glass department

sales office:0086-534-2233583  fax:0086-534-2348205
North China Area sales:0086-534-2233600
Shandong Area sales:0086-534-2233591/2233607
West China Area sales:0086-2233609
East China Area sales:0086-534-2233606/2233589
Central China Area sales:0086-534-2233588
Northeast Area sales:0086-534-2233590

Contact of pharmaceutical glass

Tel:0086-534-2360599/2233586/2233585  fax:0086-534-2389296

Contact of supply department

Tel:0086-534-2233518 2233512    fax:0086-534-2323258


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