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    The DABA CO.,LTD is located in the west road of tianju 20 with about 200,000 square meters area and 160 employees.It has been awarded management demonstration enterprise in Shandong Province, Shandong modern management advanced enterprise in Shandong Province's industrial restructuring leading enterprises for many years been awarded a national comprehensive utilization of resources and the National Environmental Protection Advanced Enterprise Top Ten companies.
  The company has strong technical strength, excellent operational management team, stable workforce, and constantly opening up new areas of work, especially in the project construction, joint ventures, policy research, asset disposal have made outstanding achievements.
  Undering chairman Tian Wenshun’s correct guidance, The DABA CO.,LTD strictly accoding to the spirit of "sincere cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win" business philosophy, attentioning to corporate reputation, and pursue excellence in order to provide quality services to the principle of "pioneer, Lee in which "the cultural atmosphere.believing that our sincere cooperation, solidarity, dam the company would be heading toward a more splendid and glorious future.

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