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    DEZHOU JINGFENG CO.,LTD,which is one of the largest productive bases of daily glass in China, is a subsidiary company of DEZHOU JINGHUA GROUP. The company is located in the Yingbin street 1266 with about 126,000 square meters factory area and 3600 employees.
    The leading product of compay are the domestic glass and pharmaceutical glass.It has 27 production lines of domestic and pharmaceutical glass,producing 180000 tons every year. “JINGHUA”brand domestic and pharmaceutical glass is awarded “Shandong Famous Brand”. At present, the daily container glass products has been formed several major series,more than 800 kinds totally.Especially, porcelain and pottery imitated bottle used to gain "China Packaging outcome of the Decade Gold Award" because of its good color, high strength, impermeable, easily changed to a variety of anti-counterfeit bottle, producing large quantities such as mature technology and technological advantages.Pharmaceutical glass mainly produces 10-20ML shaped, 5ML-7ML ordinary type and many other types of Xilin bottle products, is the country's major supplier of glass pharmaceutical companies.
  Management innovation, technological innovation, employee development, scientific evaluation is the propellant to achieve sustainable and efficient development of the JINGFENG company . By optimizing the management process, improve management systems and other measures, JINGFENG company management have continuously developed. Through continued implementation of technological innovation, been piecemeal leather and upgrade technical equipment, etc., JINGFENG company's technology innovation and achieved remarkable results. Through the organization of the implementation of personnel recruitment, people who use, talent development and other series of initiatives, JINGFENG company's talent management is into advanced ranks.Implementing simulated corporate governance system and mining companies the potential deeply is injecting new vitality for the development of the company.Jing Feng's implementation of the scientific performance management and appraisal system, effectively ensure the sustainable production and management towards the positive direction of healthy development.
    Companies pursuing a "market demand-oriented and customer satisfaction as the pursuit of" business philosophy, adhere to many varieties, small batch, fast-paced development, operating principles, with strong economic strength and modern management advantages, the first developed a milk-white baked vases, Frosted window grill exposed vases, bottles Frosted pattern patented product, filling the domestic blank, in the packaging industry is unique, so that more perfect wine packaging technology
    Company has won the "National Excellent Packaging Enterprise", "daily glass industry pioneer enterprise", "China Daily Glass market, product quality and customer satisfaction quality and credibility of the brand", "Chinese famous brand", "Star Enterprise of Shandong Province Light System "," China Patent Shandong Star Enterprise "and other honorary titles.

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